Disabling Internet Explorer's Prompt about Trusted Sites

Disabling Internet Explorer's Prompt about Trusted Sites

This document will show you how to eliminate Internet Explorer's prompts when you open a page that's in one of your browser's Trusted Sites.

By default, Internet Explorer prompts you about opening sites in your Trusted Sites list as a precautionary measure.  While this can be beneficial for when unfamiliar sites find their way into the list, it can become more of a nuisance when you manually add familiar sites to your Trusted Sites list to permit them appropriate access to the Internet.

If you're receiving a Security Warning such as the one below when accessing your trusted sites, you may need to adjust Internet Explorer's Trusted Sites setting.

Trusted Sites Prompt

Please ensure that only web sites with a "geen lock" and starting with https are present in your trusted sites list.  Also ensure that you recognise all sites in this list and TRUST them.
  1. With Internet Explorer open, click Tools, then Internet Options.
  2. Now, click the Security tab, followed by the Trusted Sites icon.
  3. Click Custom Level at the bottom of the window to access the advanced options for your Trusted Sites list.
  4. Scroll down to Web sites in less privileged web content zones can navigate into this zone.  By default, this option is set to Prompt – change it to Enable.

    Trusted Sites Prompt 1

  5. Click OK at the bottom of the window, then click Yes when a warning prompts you about whether you want to change this option.
  6. Finally, click OK on the Internet Options window to save your settings.